Tara Reade vs Joe Biden

During #MeToo movement any women who accused a man was allowed to share her story — expect those who were part of democratic party. Scandals related to Clinton, Biden, and Obama have been censored. Media refuses to give same opportunity to Tara Reade. Virtually every single mainstream media “CNN, MSNBC, CBS” has been ignoring the scandal. If the sexual assault is ever mentioned; only Joe Biden is allowed to provide his point of view. Tara Reade who is a victim is never given an opportunity to give her side of the story..

Regardless of how you feel about the scandal. It seems rather odd that democratic party will pick such a flaw leader, Considering the went after Trump , Judge Kavanaugh, and numerous other men. Why shields these him? It seems rather bizarre. Most us with conscientious can not vote for Biden. Trump maybe a bad person. Biden with his sexually deviant  past is lot to be desire.

This idea Vote Blue No Matter Who is flawed. We should vote for those who have represent who interest in the past. Democratic has consistently betrayed the working people in the past. Clinton’s NAFTA deal is the reason why we have shortages of medical supplies. It was democratic party policy of global economy that has worsen COVID-19 Pandemic. Now they are victimizing even the most vulnerable member of our society; sexually abused women. I have never questioned any woman who talk about her sexual assault, and I will give same consideration to Tara Read. We can help her heal by listening to her story, and by not voting for Joe Biden, and Democratic party in 2020 election.


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