GIMP 2.0 Review


Social distancing must come natural to GIMP developer. Their new interface shows these programmers have never talk to a human being in ages. Way back when I switched to Linux. It was not an easy for an average. CD-ROM/DVD had to mounted as modules in kernel. Don’t get me wrong it was fun, but whenever I had the misfortune of asking anyone for help in newsgroups like alt.linux — more often then not I would get an lunatic who be preaching me to go back and lick Bill Sodomite Gate ass. That’s 90s for ya. By the looks of it same lunatic were hired to design the new interface.


Developer must have never seen a daylight sunlight like vampires. Why else would they redesign new tool bar with dark grey background and lighter grey icon. New interface has more bug then Black Bayou Lake. It is also more complicated  not intuitive at all. Just look at the difference different between new tool bar and old. On a new theme icons are dark, and half of them do not work. Simple things like shrinking a cutting, and pasting is disabled, resizing pasted clipboard does not work at all.

There are two ways to fix this buggy theme. Switch to lighter version, and them switch icons to classic. It does not fix errors at all. However, what you can do is cut and past the picture and resize them in Windows Paint program. Yup you need another editor to do a basic job that this “powerful” editor is unable to do. There is reason why people are willing to fork over thousands of dollar to adobe and buy Photoshop then scream and shout at the screen.


If you compare it to resizing and skewing in Windows Paint brush you will notice it is very simple. Just click on the icon resize you can resize pasted clip. You can’t perform same function in GIMP you will need to read  Shakespeare sonnet, and summon a demon lord to get the job done. You will lucky if you don’t ended tweeting like our beloved president Trump “sarcasm”.

But seriously, what not make things simple? Do you see anyone googling how to turn open camera on iPhone, and Samsung Galaxy? That is totally insane. Application should be intuitive. Not demanding that we join the secret cult.

Remember Word Perfect tried this cultist ideology “learn our mind numbing gibberish language and be cripple for life using other apps”. People rejected them and MS words has taken over the world. No body cares that Word Perfect was a powerful product. People don’t like to waste their time learning stupid function that don’t not makes sense.


Developers should built feature by asking “normal human being” so their program have functionality. There is a reason why Widows, iPhone, and Android are popular. These operating system, and their app conform to average Joe reasoning and intuition. So GIMP developers should talk to normal human being.  Ask the user they want, and use this human knowledge to create a feature that make sense in the application. Until then Photoshop will remain main dominate program among the multimedia community.  It is really sad because GIMP is totally free, sadly completely insane.

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