Windows 10 Pro under $40

Microsoft is selling Windows 10 for $39.99. This is good news for those of us who are building a new system, or just need an upgrade. This deal is only good until the end of June 2020. I am a Linux user, but sadly I need to have secondary operating system for work relation reason. Now that most of us are working form home thanks to COVID-19.

Anyway here is the link, you can more about this deal on PC World.

Google is Weird :(

Looking to share another recipe. My mighty google oracle notified me of a lunatic who goes around in a store lick everything on sight!

“A woman who allegedly licked her hands and touched food items and several surfaces at a South Carolina grocery store and sandwich shop was arrested.”

Why, oh why give such a bizarre news. I only go out for walking, and grocery. I did’t need to be gross out like that. Mrs. Nut was arrest, and now police have to waste COVID-19 test on her while people who are in real need have to back in line.


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Michael Flynn vs Democratic Party

Case against Michael Flynn was dropped by Justice Department. This couldn’t have come at worst time for Democratic party at large. President Trump, republican party at large will talk about this to cater more voters. While democratic party is going outta its way to dismiss sexual harassment case against Joe Biden. Some of you may remember Joe Biden nick name creepy Joe because he loves touching women. Even mainstream media — no less then SNL mocked him.

Putting such a flawed person for the leadership of US of A is shocking. Even if he was replace by democratic party they would pick someone like Andrew Cuomo who was hell bent on shrinking medical staff prior of COVID-19 pandamic. It was “Cuomo Helped Get New York Into This Mess“. Public second choice like Bernie Sanders will be shoved back of the bus leaving people wondering if Bernie, and progressive are control opposition. Personally, I am with those who are saying No Matter Who Never Vote For Blue.

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Clitnon NAFTA Deal, and COVID-19


COVID-19 Panadamic shows why we must not vote for democratic party. Bill Clinton signed North American Free Trade Agreement January 1, 1994. This bill destroyed America’s manufacturing industry, turn millions of American homeless over night. To put salt on the wound August, 1994 An Act to Control and Prevent Crime aka Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act. This means million of American who last good paying job with union benefit, and medical insurance were not allowed to protest in streets. While public was bamboozle by media by talking about Clinton sexual assault. In 2020 USA can not even produce medical mask, or essential medical supplies. Outsouring pillar of American industry is the main reason why COVID-19 pandamic is worst in USA. This Democratic party fault, and blaming Trump only reveal their true hypocrisy.

Chris Hedges Pulitzer Prize winning journalist wrote an excellent book called “Death of the liberal class“.  Key to success is learn from the mistake. We can protest NAFTA deal, and other outsourcing of American industry by not voting for democratic party. We remind every that if democratic hadn’t sign the NAFTA deal we wouldn’t have current ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Trump did failed to Corona virus pandemic, however it was Clinton and the Democratic party that cause global pandemic by outsourcing American jobs, and cripple our health care system.


Tara Reade vs Joe Biden

During #MeToo movement any women who accused a man was allowed to share her story — expect those who were part of democratic party. Scandals related to Clinton, Biden, and Obama have been censored. Media refuses to give same opportunity to Tara Reade. Virtually every single mainstream media “CNN, MSNBC, CBS” has been ignoring the scandal. If the sexual assault is ever mentioned; only Joe Biden is allowed to provide his point of view. Tara Reade who is a victim is never given an opportunity to give her side of the story..

Regardless of how you feel about the scandal. It seems rather odd that democratic party will pick such a flaw leader, Considering the went after Trump , Judge Kavanaugh, and numerous other men. Why shields these him? It seems rather bizarre. Most us with conscientious can not vote for Biden. Trump maybe a bad person. Biden with his sexually deviant  past is lot to be desire.

This idea Vote Blue No Matter Who is flawed. We should vote for those who have represent who interest in the past. Democratic has consistently betrayed the working people in the past. Clinton’s NAFTA deal is the reason why we have shortages of medical supplies. It was democratic party policy of global economy that has worsen COVID-19 Pandemic. Now they are victimizing even the most vulnerable member of our society; sexually abused women. I have never questioned any woman who talk about her sexual assault, and I will give same consideration to Tara Read. We can help her heal by listening to her story, and by not voting for Joe Biden, and Democratic party in 2020 election.


What’s It’s All About

I always wanted my own website where I can posts my own idea, thoughts about several issues. It took awhile for me to come with this. For example I wanna talk about politics, I also wanna write review about new hardware, and software. Sometime I just wanna share my recipe, and put my own input on someone else recipe after cooking.

Type of things I am thinking about:

      • Ubuntu Desktop Setup Configuration
      • Window Desktop Setup Configuration
      • Hardware & Software
      • Cooking Recipes
      • Politics
      • Hobbies like Astronomy
      • Maybe few other things 🙂