Clitnon NAFTA Deal, and COVID-19


COVID-19 Panadamic shows why we must not vote for democratic party. Bill Clinton signed North American Free Trade Agreement January 1, 1994. This bill destroyed America’s manufacturing industry, turn millions of American homeless over night. To put salt on the wound August, 1994 An Act to Control and Prevent Crime aka Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act. This means million of American who last good paying job with union benefit, and medical insurance were not allowed to protest in streets. While public was bamboozle by media by talking about Clinton sexual assault. In 2020 USA can not even produce medical mask, or essential medical supplies. Outsouring pillar of American industry is the main reason why COVID-19 pandamic is worst in USA. This Democratic party fault, and blaming Trump only reveal their true hypocrisy.

Chris Hedges Pulitzer Prize winning journalist wrote an excellent book called “Death of the liberal class“.  Key to success is learn from the mistake. We can protest NAFTA deal, and other outsourcing of American industry by not voting for democratic party. We remind every that if democratic hadn’t sign the NAFTA deal we wouldn’t have current ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Trump did failed to Corona virus pandemic, however it was Clinton and the Democratic party that cause global pandemic by outsourcing American jobs, and cripple our health care system.