Voter Shaming

Yesterday  Jun 22, 2020 , Trevor Noah talked about John Bolton interview. Mr. Bolton said he would not vote for Trump, nor Biden. Trevor Noah shamed him for not willing to vote for Democratic party. Most of us will not vote for Biden. He is a worst of choice of a leaders ship. He has been accused by Tara Reade for trying to rape her.

There are numerous incidents Joe Biden has been caught acting like a sexual predator — smelling women in public, talking about sex with little girls in front of their parents, and last but not least he signed Clinton’s crime bill put million of African-American in jailed. Yet he has chutzpah to tell African-American that they are not Black if they don’t vote for him. Thanks to his racist bill white liberal have diverted 60% of city budget to police department in cities like New York City & Los Angelo.

Yet Trevor Noah doesn’t see any because now he livers in ivory tower. I used to watch him online, but now I am done with him.